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Inarticulate lingulate brachiopod
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Fossils in Thin Sections
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Pennsylvanian Bivalve Holotype - 02

Sedimentary Evolution of the Southern Karavanks

The Late Palaeozoic sedimentary evolution of the Southern Karavanks and Carnic Alps, spanning from the Middle Ordovician to the Permian-Triassic boundary, is characterized by the collisional uplift of the Variscan orogenic belt, reaching its climax in the Moscovian. The pre-Variscan basement is unconformably overlain by a post-Variscan sequence, separated into two evolutionary cycles by a major intra-Permian tectonic event. 



Geodynamic Evolution of the Varsican Orogeny 

The lithologically similar Carnic Alps and Southern Karavanks are considered part of the southern external zone of the European Variscides. Variscan orogeny was a long lasting (Devonian - Early Permian) polyphase process involving heterochronous amalgamation of microcontinets and terranes detached from Laurussia and Gondwana, and their docking to the southern margin of Laurussia prior to its final collison with Gondwana.



Explorer of the Ancient Seas

Jože Bedič's collection of Late Paleozoic fossils from the Southern Karavanks rivals the fossil records of the classic Paleozoic areas of the World, offering a glimpse into Deep Time characterized by ever-changing environmental conditions and biodiversity. The collection encompasses an astonishing diversity of taxa, with four of them named in honor of Mr. Bedič. He was my close friend, and this website stands as a tribute in his memory.



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